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    ... (Portugal)Simon Davis (Germany)Romuald Dehio (Germany) Lisa Deipenbrock (Germany) Stefanos Filippas (Greece)Conxa Gene Garcia (Spain)Philipp Goedhart (Austria)Michael Hadjistyllis (Cyprus) Marilia Kaisar (Greece) Jolande Kirschbaum (Germany)Andreas kofler (Italy)Theresia Kohlmayr (Austria)Marieke Kums (The Netherlands)Nina Maeno (France)Ana Rita Marques (Portugal)Elisa Mante (Greece)Elena Megia Nieto (Spain)Federica Muccichini (Italy)Christopher Pandolfi (Canada)Johannes Pointl (Austria)Laura...
  2. ADSL 2008 Workshop

    March 15, 2008
    MyPalace - produced by the students in collaboration with Andreas kofler and Theo Deutinger Antipodal to the seemingly unstoppable ever accelerating hurricane of globalization there is the sluggishly changing.We, the inhabitants of the 'West' experience birth only as transition from one to another well tempered high security comfort zone; in fact, we are the inhabitants and co-designer of an gigantic palace. The workshop 'MyPalace' is investigating this immense comfort zone from the participant...
  3. rethink and reshape GITP

    February 15, 2009
    ... by Mark van Beest (Nog Harder) and Bram Spits (Madkarma) . Furniture by Gijs Kaayk (Vormlust) Play Ogg / Play Flash --- Reset --- (link:ogg) / (link:flv) Client: GITP - NetherlandsDesign Team: Simon Davis, Romuald Dehio, Theo Deutinger, Andreas kofler, Theresia Kohlmayr, Nina Maeno, Federica Muccichini, Christopher Pandolfi, Stefan Prins, Katja SchneiderContractor: About Projects - GITP Maastricht...
  4. Reference Rotterdam - How Real Estate Agencies Claim Public Space

    December 15, 2006
    ... in Rotterdam. By doing this we were able to show how public spaces, landmarks and services provided by the city where claimed for promoting and selling apartments. Client: Arie Lengkeek, AIR - RotterdamDesign Team: Simon Davis, Theo Deutinger, Andreas kofler
  5. Welcome to Fabulous Hoofdstraat

    March 15, 2007
    ... became somehow the town itself.The study “Welcome to Fabulous Hoofdstraat” unravels the true nature of the spine and finds its utmost economic uniqueness by walking from door to door.Client: Vitruvianum HeerlenDesign Team: Theo Deutinger, Andreas kofler
  6. Rotterdam Zuid

    April 15, 2006
    ... become the first part of the city with bilingual (Dutch / English) features. Signs, advertisements, menus in restaurants, public transport, etc. will be explained in both languages.Client: Derk Tetteroo- OBR RotterdamDesign Team: Theo Deutinger, Andreas kofler, Bea Ramo
  7. Ruhr 2010

    February 15, 2007
    ... proposed name change from ‘Ruhrgebiet 2010’ to ‘Ruhr 2010’ was executed, incorporation of sub-cultures in official program,etc.)See our study here See the Ruhr 2010 program here Client: RAG - EssenDesign Team: Simon Davis, Theo Deutinger, Andreas kofler
  8. Dubai Business Bay

    February 15, 2006
    ... find outstanding advertisement strategies? When every resort in Dubai is already highlighted as something unique and outstanding; doing the same with Dubai Business Bay would only add another colour to this mosaic.Design Team: Theo Deutinger, Andreas kofler, Bea Ramo
  9. This is Spijkenisse

    March 15, 2006
    ... the supreme position in shopping for its Hinterland with the excellent connection to Rotterdam, Spijkenisse could position itself in a totally different way as its competitor cities.Client: MEI Architecten and boardDesign Team: Theo Deutinger, Andreas kofler, Bea Ramo
  10. Zaragoza - A Plan that Cannot Fail

    February 15, 2006
    ... Zaragoza, the 5th city in Spain, has been silent for a long time, but is currently preparing its official presentation in Europe. To be recognized as ‘European City’ a portfolio of projects needs to be assembled.Design Team: Theo Deutinger, Andreas kofler, Joao Prates Ruivo, Bea Ramo
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