1. Human Race

    June 03, 2016
    Since the introduction of the steam locomotive in 1804, the acceleration of human speed has for a very long time been the prime focus of infrastructural developments. A major bifurcation occurred in the 1840s with the invention of the electrical telegraph, which disconnected the speed of the message from the...
  2. Europe in Africa - Mail Online

    June 02, 2016
     Sara Malm from Mail Online wrote an article about our project "Europe in Africa" featuring images of the projects and an interview with Theo Deutinger.
  3. Europe in Africa - The Washington Post

    June 01, 2016
    Adam Taylor from The Washington Post wrote an article about our project "Europe in Africa" featuring images of the projects and an interview with Theo Deutinger.
  4. Ruhrmoderne - K.West Magazine

    April 18, 2016
    Theo Deutinger shared some insights of our project "Ruhrmoderne" with K.West magazine. 
  5. Crowd Control

    April 12, 2016
    Currently the positive powers of the masses are praised and discussed extensively. Swarm-intelligence, crowd-funding, crowd-sourcing and crowd-innovation are some of the keywords that promise economic and social progress due to bundling of individual powers. Social media platforms make it easy to fuse individuals into masses, reinforced by frequent and cheap...
  6. Sign Language

    February 09, 2016
    The rise of the icons has been going hand in hand with industrialization, increasing mass mobility as well as the growing mass communication. The highest concentration of sign language can be found in public spaces as roads, airports and the world wide web, areas where a high diversity of nationalities...
  7. minus20degree 2016

    February 08, 2016
    minus20degree is an art and architecture festival that focuses on snow and landscape as basic elements. The intention is to design or stage landscape with simple interventions and make it accessible for the public. The festival sees the winter landscape as untouched testing field with snow as its plasticine resource...
  8. Kick-Off Ruhrmoderne

    February 07, 2016
    ‚Kick-Off Ruhrmoderne’ ist ein dreitägiges Treffen von Experten und Fachleuten in der Stadt Marl als Vorbereitung und Startschuß zum Projekt Ruhrmoderne. Unter dem Begriff Ruhrmoderne verstehen wir alle Gebäude, die in der Nachkriegszeit, also im Zeitraum 1945-1975, im Ruhrgebiet entstanden sind. Das Projektgebiet soll schlussendlich das gesamte Ruhrgebiet umfassen.
  9. Merry Christmas & Happy 2016

    December 24, 2015
    TD wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, and a healthy and successful 2016!
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